Wood Lighting Design – new

Unique lighting, using translucent wood to produce a warm, soft glow that soothes your home and soul.

The guiding concept of this effort is minimalist, to have form follow function, avoiding being showy and to provide soft usable light in a world that needs it. The aim is to make these products as simple as possible, living up to the mantra “less is more”

We are offering unique timeless designs handmade in Bend Oregon. Wood Lighting Design is dedicated to the highest standards of quality that comes directly from our shared sense of pride. We value the environment in all methods of craftsmanship and materials.

Each lamp is an artistic statement and incorporates natural materials as a three dimensional sculpture. The designs utilize bent wood in dynamic tension giving a sense of aliveness to each piece. The light they bring gives an atmosphere of warmth and nature to your home or office. The grain of the wood veneer varies reflecting its origins in nature, giving each light a unique one of a kind quality. The luminosity of the frosted acrylic spreads the light beautifully. These contrasting materials compliment each other well. 

Harry Weitzer, our designer, has been creating in wood for over 70 years. It is our mission to preserve his creative work and allow an environment where he and others can continue to expand his designs. His background in art and knowledge in wood craftsmanship is a rare combination of skills and we look forward to seeing what else he designs.

See our latest  featured article in the magazine GRAY  or download the Pdf.

Good design knows no age, and neither, apparently, does 90-year-old lighting and furniture designer Harry Weitzer…